My Reading Story

Image rights from Sora

Image rights from Sora

The greatest book is the deepest book, one that you just cannot put down. That’s what a good book should do, suck you in. You can’t stop, won’t stop, and just need more. In this blog post, I will be talking about my favorite books, and how they suck me in, like a clean, worded, vacuum cleaner of wonder. 

One of my favorite books right now is The Soul of Basketball, by Ian Thomsen.

Yes, that is how you spell his last name. The reason why this book is so good is because of the way it’s written. The lore of which explains the history of basketball, the history of the NBA, and the suspense of which he carries for 100 pages. Finally, he showed LeBron James go to Miami to win chips along with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. This book has 750 pages in it, so I’m not going to be putting it down any time soon. What’s your favorite book? Put your answer in the comments section below.

The best book is one that’s not too long, or short. A smooth, 250 pages. I know, ironic coming from the guy whose favorite book is 3 times as long as that, but that’s usually the case with books. They can’t be too long, because then the reader will feel guilty when they can’t finish it because it’s too boring. But it can’t be too short because what if the book is a masterpiece, but only 50 pages. The reader will feel sad, because the book’s already done. But with a nice 250 page book, the book won’t feel too long, but isn’t too short. If a book is bad, and too long, you’ve wasted your money. If a book’s too short, and great, you’re sad. So a nice 250 page book can be finished in 15 to 25 days if you pace yourself. 

I am going to be honest. Reading is usually boring for me. I’d much rather play basketball at my house or kick field goals on our miniature post. But when it comes down to it, I can love reading. Some books just aren’t for me, and I am a picky reader. But reading is possibly the most healthy non exercising hobby. It has helped with anxiety when I feel stressed. It has helped me with my well being. You should read too, because it could help you with these problems.


My Bumpy Basketball Journey

Image created by Aaron

Today I will be talking about my Basketball Journey.

This story begins with my brother. He had just been born, and we had to move me into the guest bedroom. He slept in the small bedroom that I used to sleep in for one year, that was until we moved. I remember that small house vividly, but I still come to see the outside part of it every once in a while. Along with us moving, me and Jacob, my little brother, had to switch schools. I went to two other children’s campuses before my kindergarten year. My first children’s campus before we moved was a nice preschool with plenty of outdoor activities and space. That was where I met my best friends Will and Evan. They play a huge part in this story, but more on that later. The second one I went to was a small, cold place with a terrible playground. I had no friends, was the oldest in my class, and it just wasn’t fun. But tied for the worst one is the newest, biggest of them all. It wasn’t the classroom or the size that was the problem. It was the fact that they expected 4 year-olds to have fun on a flat turf with nothing. The playground was just bad. Now for the fun part. I was a rising kindergartener, and was about to pick my school. I was going to pick Duke school, because the visit to the school was the most fun. That was what was going on in my head. 4 year-olds are very simple. But then I saw a video of some Durham academy graduates walking in the school with some graduation gowns. So I picked D.A. That was the best decision of my life.

Once I got to kindergarten, my parents would consistently have me go to Extended Day. This would be the first time I actually shot a basketball. I made a new friend named Noah, and we would spend most of our time together during Extended Day. Noah would usually have to leave around 4:15, while I had to leave at 5:30. I spent all the time I didn’t have with Noah with a basketball just shooting around on an eight foot hoop.

One day, I decided to reach out to this other kid. He was about three inches shorter than me, and was a grade below. His name was Kai, and we still share a rivalry to this day. This kid would always be there to one vs one me, and I would start doing that once I was halfway through kindergarten.

I should also note that Noah will also play a pretty significant role in this story. Later. I promise.

I kept shooting a basketball for one hour and fifteen minutes, five days a week for two and a half years. And playing Kai, of course. Then, during spring break, it happened. Covid 19 happened. I was without a ball at my side for 2 years. Until fourth grade. That’s when I could play the sport that I loved most again.

When fourth grade started, I began playing i9 sports basketball. That was the league that I played in for 5 seasons, totaling 3 championships. But in my 3rd season, I started playing with Will and Evan. The last 3 seasons were spent with the boys that I still play with to this day. One time, me and my 10 year old best friends went off, and so did the rest of our team. We played a 36 minute game, and our team scored a total of 81 points. The most in i9 history. And the other team scored a historic 6 points. We beat them by 75 points. That would be an NBA record. When we were 2 thirds of the way through fifth grade, I began doing Woodcroft. I had my best game ever with 17 points. This was also when I started playing with Noah, and Owen. I told you that he would come in at some point. No championships, though.

Once Woodcroft ended, I started playing AAU. I still currently play AAU with my friends Jonah, Silas, Noah, Will, Evan, Other Noah, Big Josh, Steven, and Jack. We’ve won one tournament, in which I wasn’t present. But that’s the league that I play in today. This was also the league that I set my new career high. 23 points. Most of anyone in my grade. In AAU, because, this kid, that’s also named Aaron, has dropped 30 in Woodcroft. 

Thank you for listening to my story. It took about a week to write this, but 6 years and counting to get the story part. Bye!

Camp Kirkwood

I remember the camp Kirkwood trip like it was yesterday. So let me tell you what happened.

So, the trip was from Durham, N.C, to Watha, N.C. When we got off the bus, tired from a two hour bus ride, we immediately went to a pavilion that was built like a basketball court. It was pouring. We took a random bag to the pavilion, learned the rules of the camp, and we headed to our cabins. It was an actual hurricane. After we got to our cabins, we had to unpack our stuff. This didn’t take too long, thankfully. After we unpacked our stuff, we got out the raincoats and got out the door to head to lunch.

When we got to the cafeteria, there were already three other cabins there. They were sitting by advisory, but some people woke up today, and decided that they were going to do the exact opposite of what they were supposed to do. So there was no place for me, and the rest of the kids in my advisory group to sit. So the teachers just said, “Sit wherever you want.” So I sat with Jonah, Ajay, and Aaron. We had a beautiful lunch of very bad looking ham and cheese sandwiches. Delish.

I made a half court shot in boys vs girls and won it for us in the first 30 seconds of the battle ball. Battle ball is dodgeball, but if you make it in your opponent’s basket with the pink ball, you win.

Fast forward to after lunch, we got to go to the V swing. A V swing is a swing that swings you in the shape of a V. And does that reeeeally high up. When I went, I screamed at the top of my lungs. Then everybody else had to embarrass me by not screaming. 

At the end of the trip, we had to take the longest ride I’ve ever been on. Or at least it felt like that. When I got in my mom’s car, I was exhausted. I probably slept for, like, 9 hours. The trip was fine, the rides were torturous, and the rain was brutal, but this trip was still fun.